We're the Messengers


I'm Sarah - a wife, mom of four littles, and avid baker! My love for baking is rooted in memories of days spent laughing and making sweets in the kitchen with my mom and aunt. What began as a hobby transformed into a passion after taking some specialty decorating classes. Since then, I've spent years creating all kinds of treats, studying and exploring decorating trends, and making sure that my creations always taste just as good as they look! As I transitioned into being a wife and a mom, I knew that baking would be a part of our home - an activity to create special memories, from being in the kitchen to filling our bellies. 


In the Messenger Household, we've made it our tradition to celebrate birthdays surrounded by family and our favorite desserts, which has given me lots of excuses to bake and create delicious, beautiful treats. It didn't take long for friends to start requesting goodies for their celebrations - from baby showers to weddings, birthdays to church events! And while I loved that I had more reasons to bake, what I truly valued was being able to have a small part in helping my friends celebrate what was important to them. 


My husband, Alex, has an excellent mind for business. So, with his encouragement, we decided to put our talents together and venture into creating our own family-run company. Our mission was clear: to take our love of celebrating and share it with you! 

We're over a year into our journey, which included moving from California to Michigan, adding another little to the family, and taking advantage of long naps and early bedtimes. In the Fall of 2021, we made the exciting decision to move from our home kitchen to a commercial space. Alex is now our lead baker while I hand decorate each cookie, and our daughter has recently joined the crew, helping cut ribbons and place stickers. Also essential to our family operation, my mom and sister often help with packaging or selling at the local markets.

Our Vision


As a child, I had a handful of relatives and family friends that I could rely on sending me a birthday card every year. I remember the joy and excitement I felt as I opened each envelope. Some even hid special surprises like confetti! These thoughtful yet simple gifts are what made my birthday stand apart from every other day - a true celebration.   


It's this gesture that inspired us to start Messenger Cookie Co. We wanted to take the classic birthday card and pair it with our favorite way of celebrating: COOKIES! So as we begin selling at local markets and popup events, you'll be able to purchase our gift-ready birthday cookies so that you can give them to your friends and family. We have several beautiful designs to choose from, and your cookie will come delightfully packaged, complete with a card for you to write a personalized message. 


With a Messenger Cookie Co. cookie card, your thoughtful gift will touch hearts and satisfy any sweet tooth!


Our hope is that we will be able to share simple joys and help you celebrate the special people in your life!